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A Guide To The Best Beaches in Agadir

Beaches in agadir

There are many beach destinations in Morocco, but Agadir is undisputedly the best of them. The region of Agadir is blessed with numerous fabulous beaches along its Atlantic coast. These beaches are of many types and therefore they attract different types of visitors . Some of the beaches in Agadir are famous for having some […]

Living In Agadir – A Guide For Expats

living in agadir

Agadir has always been known as a major tourist destination in Morocco, but in recent years many people come to the city not only for the purpose of tourism but also for the goal of settling down in this incredibly beautiful city. Expats view Agadir as a nice alternative since the cost of living is […]

Coronavirus In Morocco: What You Need to Know

Moroocco in Corona

The world has surpassed 2 million confirmed cases of COVID19, and now More than 3 billion people are in some sort of lockdown. Some countries are hit harder than others, and the whole world is working hard to find a medical solution Coronavirus In Morocco The 1st confirmed case of coronavirus in Morocco dates back […]

Can You Fly A Drone In Morocco 2022 – All You Need To Know

In many countries, the use of drones is controversial, and you cannot really tell if it’s going to be a problem to take your drone there or not, but in Morocco, the government made it clear in 2015 that it is illegal to fly a drone in Morocco without permission. I’ve made many calls and […]

5 BEST And COOLEST Hostels In Agadir


If you’re a solo traveler or a budget traveler, or simply a person that adores staying in hostels during their travels. I’m listing for you some of the best hostels in Agadir in this post to help you enjoy your stay and live wonderful experiences in this beautiful destination. In these hostels, you will be […]

Which is Better Agadir Or Marrakesh

Which is Better Agadir Or Marrakech

Agadir or Marrakech, these two cities are completely different holiday destinations. Both cities are major tourist attractions in Morocco, and many people hesitate between the two. That’s why I decided to write this post to help travelers make their minds. I love both cities and I’m gonna be as objective as I can. Morocco is […]

A Complete Guide To Living In Morocco 2022

living in morooco moving to morocco

Morocco has always been a major tourist attraction for decades. The country attracts millions of visitors from all over the globe every year. Recently and thanks to the growth that Morocco is witnessing, an unprecedented number of people come to Morocco not only for the purpose of tourism but also for settling down in this […]

Tipping in Morocco: How Much Should I give?

Tipping in morocco

Tipping might be considered rude or offensive in some cultures but tipping in Morocco is regarded as a generous and appreciated gesture. In fact, not tipping is considered offensive sometimes in Morocco. There is no rule that obliges people to tip in Morocco, and nobody should force you to do so. It’s just a generous […]

10 Things To Do Before Booking A Hotel In Morocco

hotels in agadirThings To Do Before Booking A Hotel In Morocco

On this post, I’m listing for you 10 things to do before booking a hotel in Morocco. These tips will help you avoid all sorts of inconvenience during your vacation in Morocco. Like every other hotel in the world, every hotel in Morocco tries to look as best as they can on the internet, that’s […]

A Guide To The Best Restaurants In Agadir

Agadir Restaurants Let's be agadir

When you’re spending a vacation somewhere, one of the first things you look for is a good place to eat. In this post, I listed for you the most well-reputed restaurants in Agadir.  Whether you want to go for a family dinner or on a romantic date, or you just want to have a healthy […]