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5 BEST And COOLEST Hostels In Agadir

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If you’re a solo traveler or a budget traveler, or simply a person that adores staying in hostels during their travels. I’m listing for you some of the best hostels in Agadir in this post to help you enjoy your stay and live wonderful experiences in this beautiful destination.

In these hostels, you will be able to meet other solo travelers from multiple nationalities, exchange stories, and experiences, and make new friends.

Many of these hostels are mainly frequented by surfers, so if you are a surfer these hostels are the best place to be in Agadir.

No matter what surfing level you are, a beginner or a surfing expert I highly recommend these top accommodations if you really want to live an authentic surfing experience in Morocco.

The great thing about these hostels I listed below is that they are owned or managed by people who are passionate about surfing, and very happy to help their guests spend enjoyable stays at their place.

So, in no particular order here is my list of the best hostels in Agadir.

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Blue Waves Surf House

This is one of the places that you book only for one night and then you end up spending five days there.

Blue Waves Surf House is located in Anza, a small town only 10 minutes by car from the center of Agadir.

This place has a very good and friendly team that speaks Arabic, French Spanish and also English and will make sure you spend a wonderful stay at their place.

The property has nice rooms well furnished and beautifully decorated, and windows that overlook the wonderful view of the Atlantic ocean.

This place offers continental breakfast every morning from 7 am to 11 am, and you can have it included in the reservation price if you want. And they also offer special diet menus on request.

Blue waves Surf House is a non-smoking property, to keep the place clean and the smell pleasant.

They allow pets into the facility at extra charges. If you have a car, you can park it for free outside the property.

This hostel has a nice rooftop terrace where the hosts and guests gather to sip mint tea, play board games, exchange stories, and experiences and enjoy the cool view of the sunset.

Their prices are really reasonable, even during the highest season. They have luxurious rooms (prices start at 550dh) and also bunk beds in mixed dormitory rooms (prices start at 220dh)

This place is great and affordable, you will definitely enjoy your stay in this place.

Address: Projet social 9 Anza, 80002 Agadir, Morocco
Call: +212 528 204 042

—> Book your stay at Blue Waves Surf House

Inspiration Surf Morocco

This hostel is exceptional, spotlessly clean and the owner himself will cook your meal.

Inspiration Surf Morocco is located 10 km from Agadir in a nice small town called Tamraght.

The hostel looks like a typical Moroccan normal house but when you get inside you will be amazed by this hostel's ambiance. It has clean and comfortable rooms, pleasant smells and nice rooftop with stunning ocean views.

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This hostel is managed by its owner and a great team of friendly people, who will help provide you with all the information you need about the local area, surfing spots, and anything that would make your stay enjoyable.

The food is a good enough reason to stay in this hostel. The hosts offer very tasty meals with multiple choices that will make you lick your fingers.

The facility has free Wifi and offers laundry, and ironing services at extra charges.

This place has everything you need to help you prepare for your surfing session, and it’s the best place to rest after a long surfing day.

The prices in Inspiration Surf Morocco are very affordable, you can book a comfortable clean bed in their Mixed Dormitory Room with only 120dh (12 Euros) a night. This also a great place for couples, you can book a double bed with only 220dh (22 Euros).

No matter how short or long you stay in this hostel, it will surely be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Address: Inspiration Surf Morocco Hay Tissalouin Oubaha, 80000 Tamraght Oufella, Morocco
Call: +212 6 73 82 92 18

==> Book your stay at Inspiration Surf Morocco

Playa Surf House

This is one of the most recommended hostels for surfers in Morocco not just in Agadir.

Playa Surf House is located in the beautiful town Of Taghazout, the place that has most of the famous surf spots in Agadir.

The staff in Playa Surf House is very friendly and helpful and they speak French, Spanish and also English.

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Playa Surf House is a beach-front property, the beach is literally at your doorstep. At night you will have the chance to hear the swell of the ocean that will make you fall asleep so easily.

This hostel has nice looking rooms and a rooftop terrace where you can play cards with other travelers, drink mint tea and enjoy the beautiful view of the Taghazout beach.

Pets are not allowed in this place, if you’re traveling with your dog you might consider staying at Blue Waves Surf House, they allow pets into their property at extra charges.

Free Wifi is available in every corner of the hostel, and a 24-hour front desk with friendly hosts.

Address: Panorama Street, 80000 Taghazout, Morocco
Call: 0678-711045

==> Book your stay in Playa Surf House

Surf Maroc’s Auberge

Surf Maroc’s Auberge is one of the well-reputed hostels in the Agadir region. It was founded in 2003 by two guys who are passionate about surf and yoga. They started very small and later inspired the existence of many other hostels in the region.

Surf Maroc now receives world-class surfers and celebrities and became a reference for great surfing experiences and accommodation in the whole country of Morocco.

The hostel is located in Taghazout a small fishing village 30 km north Agadir, and is very close to the main surfing spots in the area.

Their prices are relatively high if compared to other hostels in the area, but their services are great value. You should consider booking your stay early because this hostel is usually sold out.

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The hostel has a perfect location right in front of the wonderful Taghazout beach, their rooms are traditionally furnished, with stunning cushions, Moroccan rugs, and cozy beds, all clean and very comfortable.

The staff is very friendly, speaks French and English and can help you with everything you need to know about the area.

Surf Maroc’s Auberge is a high-rated hostel by couples and also solo travelers, your stay here will surely be memorable for a long time.

Address: Centre Ville Taghazout, 80022 Taghazout, Maroc
Call: +212 5 28 20 00 06

==> Book your stay at Surf Maroc’s Auberge

Surf maroc is one of the best hostels in Agadir

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Dar Surf

Dar Surf Is one of the places that have the best decor ever, the rooms and terraces are furnished in a wonderful way. You would want to stay there forever.

Free wifi is available all over the property. the staff is friendly and helpful and speaks your language.

The food in this place is mouthwatering and cooked with love.

Dar surf offers different packages, like yoga and fitness classes and also surf session for beginners and also for advanced surfers.

Their prices are really affordable, you can book a Bunk Bed in Mixed Dormitory Room at the price of 13 Euros during the highest season.

If you prefer all-inclusive deals, they offer a whole week with everything included (Meals, airport shuttle, transport, excursions, surf sessions, fitness classes, accommodation) at the price of 500 euros.

The property is all clean and smells wonderful all the time.

Address: Taghazout centre 80022, 80022 Taghazout, Morocco
Call: +212 678 711 045

==> Book your stay in Dar Surf

Dar Surf taghazout hostel in agadir morocco

I'm one of the people that adore staying at hostels, I had some of the best travel experiences and made many new friends from different nationalities by staying in hostels.

The hostel culture in Agadir is still new, and many people don't know that this beautiful destination has some wonderful hostels.

That's why I listed in this post a list of my favorite hostels in Agadir, to help travelers choose the best place to stay during their visit to Agadir.

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